By Hella Ganor

I'd like to share my story with you, about how I became a jewelry designer.
Before I start, in order to really understand my story, you must know that I am a frustrated architect. By that, I mean that I have always hoped and dreamed of becoming an architect. But sometimes life leads you in unexpected ways…

Metropol parasol / Sevilla, Spain

Becoming a mom led me into the academic world of education. However, I always remembered my dream and decided to pursue my art once my children were old enough.
Over the years, every time I was looking to buy jewelry for myself, I felt like there was never something out there for me. I always knew I wanted the jewelry I wear to combine an artistic designer style alongside a comfortable wearable aspect which was crucial to me.
That is when I decided to study jewelry manufacture, and started creating the jewelry I was looking for. I had started to give life to my designer dream; I loved it. But still, something was missing. I felt I needed to learn more about the theory and concept of a piece, rather than just creating a "good-looking" garment. 
After a fascinating conversation with the founder of the sculpture school "Basis", I immediately signed up for a 5-year program. There I learned about proportions, well-built structures, understanding the manufacture methods of a piece, and much more. I gave freedom to my artistic side, creating my own visions into real pieces, this time without thinking about wearability and practicality as jewelry requires. 

My sculptures: 3 birds/steel and plastic
This raised a critical question concerning my jewelry brand: how to keep a free artistic design even when designing a piece that is worn, and must be practical? This was a question that continued to fascinate me.
I am happy to tell you that I have reached the point in the story where it all comes together. After having a lot of experience creating handmade jewelry, and accumulating the knowledge of art and sculpture, the last piece of the puzzle was introduced: The technology of 3D printing. For me, it was simply a gift, because it allowed me to manufacture all of my fantasy jewelry designs which handmade craft does not enable creating.

From My Netline Collection: Mobius ring #2 / 14K Gold and Diamonds 

Using this innovative technique I have created my Netline collection: Jewels that are not only my design fantasies, but also well-structured pieces; Very fine and precise looking yet strong and durable; full of artistic presence and uniqueness yet very comfortable and practical by being hollow, smooth, and light-weight.

This is the story of how I created my own world of architecture - with jewelry.

From My Netline Collection: Flat Mobius ring / 14k gold

From My Netline Collection: Large Bombé ring / 14k gold

This is my story in a nutshell...