By Hella Ganor


When you want to get to know someone, you can find out a lot from their own way of introducing themselves. However, sometimes a third person may phrase things differently, and give you some more information to complete the picture. For today's post I'm excited to share with you some of my recent mentions in various publications.

The new book "New Earrings: 500+ Designs from around the world" compiled by Nicolas Estrada was recently published featuring two pairs of earrings from my Netline collection. It is a big honor to be acknowledged as part of the most innovative designers in the world for earrings.


My Tel-Aviv shop was mentioned as a recommended tourist spot, according to tourist guide CityGuideTelAviv. The guide collects the best places to visit in Tel-Aviv for food, shops, parks, beaches and art, and I was proud to be a part of it.



On the left: The guide cover; On the right: page 154 from the guide, recommending Hella Ganor's shop in Neve Tzedek 

On the left: Edelmetaal cover; On the right: the page focusing on 3D printing showcasing Hella Ganor's jewelry

Here is a snippet from an Israeli design magazine recommending fashion and beauty products alongside a poetry book and a good place for dinner. On the top left corner you can see my porcelain pebbles necklace.


Top left corner: A porcelain pebble and wire necklace by Hella Ganor

 This photo was part of a fashion shoot created by Laisha magazine, featuring my stainless steel earrings. It's always a lot of fun to work in collaborations and take part in a professional fashion production.

Fashion shoot for Laisha magazine, with earrings by Hella Ganor

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