Unique modern pendant with magnificent wavy texture. Made in 3D technique - contemporary and elegant design.



Pendant diameter: approx 15mm

Pendant thickness: approx. 12mm

Total length: approx. 25mm


Can go with chain up to 3 mm - Please contact us for a price quote.

Can be done in 18k / 14k yellow / white / rose gold - Please contact us for a price quote.




The Netline Collection:
Hella Ganor's Jewelry combines classy, reserved cachet with contemporary spirit. The distinctive look is rooted in design and production techniques which bring together handicraft and 3-D computer printing. Created with this unique technology, common now among avant-garde architects, Hella Ganor’s sculptural, magical pieces hug the body and flow with its natural movement. The pieces surge on with fine lines, as in an etching, evoking sensations of both hollowness and wholeness while making extraordinary use of the inner spaces of each piece, and coalescing into rich but airy objects.


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BEAD PENDANT -18k gold


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