August 18, 2013

Just as the title says, inspiration surrounds us everywhere we look. It is a treasure box that keeps evolving and expanding all the time. Keeping that in mind, I have assembled a short list of topics which have always interested me and keep challenging my imagination and creativity every day. Here is a list of my 7 inspiration topics and photos, as of today... enjoy!






Fitting for first topic in the list - It is safe to say that all creations, including the latest innovations, are all derived from nature. In a way, we all are. Even though the world we live in is the source which introduced to us to the basic artistic and aesthetic motifs merely by observing it (most of the times unconsciously!), still I am often amazed by the geometry and symmetry found in nature. 


Sand waves in Arizona, USA








One of my biggest passions in life.


Architecture is something that flows in my veins, and has inspired me greatly in my artistic world. I always wanted to be an architect, but since life led me in other directions, I imported my visions into my sculpture and jewelry pieces.  


Calatrava - Denver International Airport, Denver, USA






No need to elaborate much. A woman is a work of art, and when designing a jewel for her I aspire to create a piece that would complement her, be comfortable, sophisticated, elegant, made in highest quality, and the list goes on and on....


The beautiful Kate Menson





4. ART


All forms and shapes of art inspire me. Galleries, ballets shows, theater, and music performances have an important part in my everyday life. It doesn't matter in which medium, but as long as a new idea (design, thought, etc.) is presented and well executed, the spark of inspiration will linger in my mind.


Fourfold, Chiara Corbelletto








I love to travel. In every new place I visit I observe the local culture, mentalities, and of course, the jewelry too... Any town, city, country is different in the way of life. It is quite liberating to sometimes think of your own way of life as "another option" rather than "the normal way", don't you think?


  Fulani girls, Mali | ©Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher








In my jewelry designs, I have always mixed different materials, such as metals, felt, steel, silicone, and more. I find inspiration in the challenge to create fine jewelry using materials which do not instinctively relate to the popular concept of it. 


 Eleanor Bolton








Parallel to some of the previous topics such as architecture and nature, interesting patterns could be found anywhere and I find them to be fascinating. An inspiring pattern could be a repetitive geometric shape or design, perhaps even a simple looking one, but it will capture my eyes and make me think about what makes it so appealing. What is the hidden element that makes it unforgettable. 


  Sol Lewitt






I'd love to know what inspires you - in any aspect you wish.


Add a comment sharing your own inspiration below.

All the photos above were taken from my inspiration board on Pinterest, check it out to view many more of my inspirational photos.


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