September 1, 2013

This post is dedicated to Israel's high holidays taking place later this month. It is an exciting time of year, when kids begin their school year, the boiling summer weather is slowly eased with nice cool breezes, and the holidays are a good excuse to meet with the family for a few festive dinners.

Tishrei is the first month in the Hebrew calendar. It happens in fall, usually during September or October. The 1st of Tishrei is Israel's New Years holiday, called "Rosh Hashana". This year it will happen on Sept 5th. Some Rosh Hashana traditions are: dipping a slice of an apple in honey for a sweet new year, giving a gift to your loved ones, and wishing each other wishes for the upcoming year.


Here are pictures I took in some of my favorite places in Israel.


Born and raised in Tel Aviv, the beach of the Mediterranean Sea is one of my favorite places in the whole world. 


Even today, living in Herzelia (which also lies on the coast, just north to Tel Aviv), my day cannot start unless I had my morning walk on Herzelia's beach. This has been a habit of mine for the last 25 years: be it spring, summer, fall, and even winter!


Israel is known to be a very small country and yet immensely divers in its landscape. We have a long coast, a large dessert, forests, mountains, and one salty sea:



Jerusalem is a city like no other city on earth. Although I wouldn't want to live there myself (my heart belogns to Israel's west coast), every time I visit I am overcome by its magical atmosphere.


Haifa is the Third largest city in Israel, and is the business and cultural center of northern Israel. Located on the largest bay on the Mediterranean sea, it has a rich history as an important seaport.


Heading back to Tel Aviv, One of my favourite neighborhood is the old Neve Tzedek, which still holds many memories of Tel Aviv's beginning and yet has developed into a gorgeous and unusual resort. 


Tel Aviv's oldest train station, or Hatachana, was restored a few years ago into a successful shopping center. It hides a few historical stories as well as galleries, shops, restaurants and bars. This is where my own jewelry shop is located (How fitting for me – it's a 3 minute walk from the beach…).


Thanks for coming along touring some of my favorite spots in Israel. If you are celebrating Rosh Hashana, I wish you have a wonderful, successful, healthy and happy year.



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