I grew up in Tel Aviv, and lived for several years in different places in the world like Panama, New York, Zurich and also in the kibbutz in Israel.

I always knew I wanted my jewelry  to combine an artistic style with a wearable and comfortable aspect

From this angle, jewelry design studies at "Omanit" was the answer. Learning how to create  jewelry for people who love , want style and care for the different, for contemporary and the sophisticated piece. I started  giving life to my dream.

After 20 years of Jewelry design, I felt something was missing….. I wanted  to learn more about the theory and concept of creation so I enrolled towards the age of 50 for a 5-year program at the "Bassis" sculpture school. There I learned about proportions, well-built structures, understanding production methods and more. I gave freedom to my artistic side, which conquered me .

 This raised a critical question concerning my jewelry : how to keep a free artistic design even when designing a piece that is worn, and must be practical? This was a question that continued to fascinate me all the time. 

Accumulating the knowledge of art and sculpture, the last piece of the puzzle was introduced: The technology of 3D printing. For me, it was simply a gift, that allowed me to manufacture all of my fantasy jewelry designs which handmade craft does not enable creating. jewelry that is well built in quality and uncompromising professionalism and at the same time very accurate.

It enabled me to  translate my love. Each piece of jewelry is made individually, especially for you. The collections are full of artistic presence and uniqueness yet very comfortable and practical by being hollow, smooth, and light-weight.

Employing natural and artificial shapes such as rocks and pebbles, post-modern bridge architecture, and the geometrical aesthetics of artists like M. C. Escher, Konstantin Brancusi, and Richard Serra, intriguing world of sophisticated jewelry, which glorify and celebrate the covert powers of the female body.

Sometimes it can be  adjusted  to your personal taste and budget: gold color, gold grade (carat), type of stone and more.