Hella Ganor’s jewelry combines classy, reserved cachet with contemporary spirit.

The distinctive look is rooted in design and production techniques which bring together handicraft and 3-D computer printing. Created with this unique technology, common now among avant-garde architects, Hella Ganor’s sculptural, magical pieces hug the body and flow with its natural movement.

The pieces surge on with fine lines, as in an etching, evoking sensations of both hollowness and wholeness while making extraordinary use of the inner spaces of each piece, and coalescing into rich but airy objects.​

The jewelry pieces display a curving, flexible silhouette, giving them an easy sensuality.

They represent the designer’s signature style, a merging of the purity of traditional design with the freedom afforded by the virtuosic possibilities of upcoming technologies.

Hella Ganor’s various product lines, created from materials such as 14K- and 18K-gold, white gold, diamonds, lapis, white agate, and green opal, draw their inspiration from the intersection of nature and man-made processes.

Employing natural and artificial shapes such as rocks and pebbles, post-modern bridge architecture, and the geometrical aesthetics of artists like M. C. Escher, Konstantin Brancusi, and Richard Serra, she amazes us with her wonderful, intriguing world of sophisticated jewelry, which glorify and celebrate the covert powers of the female body.